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Strategic 4 Step SEO Process

At SEONerds, we believe that the most effective strategy can be created after analyzing competitors which are currently topping the Google for the same products or services which you want to rank for.
We have adopted and developed our own 4 step SEO process with the objective of attaining SUCCESS with the minimum time frame.
Check out our process below:
1. Analyze:
The first step that we do is analyzing the competitor on the following 4 grounds:
    • Technical Analysis: Technical factors acting as performance indicators.
    • Onpage Analysis: Understanding the use of keywords, their placing and their density.
    • Backlink Analysis: Analyzing backlinks, checking anchor text distribution, Dofollow/Nofollow ratio and various other important parameters.
    • Social Media Analysis: Finding if they have active social media profile and analyzing its contribution to SEO and ranking.
2. Strategize:
Based on all the above comparative data, we prepare a counter action plan to follow the positive footprints of competitors which made them stand at the top of the search engines.
3. Implement
We implement the strategy created and perform the tasks as per the same. Every strategy takes its own time to flourish or require modifications from time to time, we at SEONerds take care of the same and make the required modifications to the strategy at regular intervals based on the outcomes of the currently implemented strategy.
4. Repeat
We keep repeating the entire process in order to maintain top positions once achieved and to keep our client’s website within the first page of Google.

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