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You must have heard that “Content is King”, a several times! It might sound cliché but the fact remains that YES “content” is still the king and probably will remain forever as long as there will be search engines. While all the other old school SEO techniques have failed against Google’s Panda update, Content marketing is one thing which is still effective and contributes a large part of offpage SEO for the creation of backlinks.

Why you should consider content writing & marketing services?

If you see a high amount of bounce rate in your analytics account, chances are that your website’s content isn’t interesting enough to keep visitors on your website. The content which is boring will always result into visitors leaving your website within first 10 seconds of their first visit and hence you will lose potential customers too easily. With Content writing and marketing services, the aim is to create unique, fresh and interesting content which could educate and engage visitors along with building trust, authority and brand over the internet.

Benefits of Content writing and marketing

  • Google gives preference to quality content
  • Attain more visibility with branded content
  • Showcase the expertise of a brand
  • Get customers than just leads
  • Attracts natural backlinks and is a great source of creating manual backlinks as well.

How can SEONerds help you?

Our team of creative writers creates a variety of content meant for various purposes. While the purpose of creating content may be subjective, but they all have one goal that is to create attractive content capable enough of generating quality backlinks.

Our Content writing services includes creation of following types of content:

  • Website Content Writing
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Article Writing & Syndication
  • Content for power point presentations


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