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Sites like Facebook and Twitter have over 1 billion as well as 500 million users respectively. Sites like these play an important role not only in creating a brand image as well as influence buyer decisions but it plays a big role in the process of performing SEO. Websites having powerful presence on social networking websites appear on top ranks for most of the keywords. This fact has made clear that it’s not just about having a profile on these websites but it’s equally important to keep them LIVE, attractive and engaging for its followers and fans.

Benefits of social media marketing

  • Creates a buzz and attracts more visitors
  • Acts as a brand building tool
  • Creates community which results in having loyal customer base
  • A platform that gives exposure to your products/services
  • Showcase your expertise and create an authority for yourself or your brand
  • Greatly influence buying decisions
  • Keeping you ahead or at par with your competition
  • Generates quick and continuous website traffic
  • Find new customers by reaching a wider base of audience

Is social media marketing right for me or my brand?

With the latest changes in Google algorithm, it has become important to send positive signals to the algorithm and that too from different sources, social networking websites being one of them. Social networking websites gives you a platform to create these positive signals regularly affecting your SEO efforts in an indirect manner. So whether your main objective is to get top rankings over search engines or you actually want to have an engaging profile over social networking websites, in both the cases hiring a social media marketing company like SEONerds will help to get the purpose solved.

How can SEONerds help you?

The social media marketing experts at SEONerds, will review your website, your market, the competitors and your target audience to come up with a social media strategy to promote your brand over social networking websites. The comprehensive strategy will include the use of various media assets like images, banners, videos, presentations, coupons, contests, latest Industry News/Events/Updates, community or group creation and many more activities that will suit your website niche.

We broadly outline our activities into 3 categories viz:

  1. Profile & Reputation Management
  2. Social Media Channel Management
  3. Community Development & Management

We perform related activities under the above mentioned categories and manage your complete social media campaign.

We provide following social media marketing services

  • Facebook Page Creation & Marketing
  • Twitter Page Creation & Marketing
  • Google Plus Page Creation & Marketing
  • Pinterest Profile Creation & Marketing
  • Linked In Page Creation & Marketing

Launch a strategic Social Media campaign and brand your company

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